Презентация к уроку (Страноведение США)
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The official name – The United States of America

Capital - Washington

Type of Government – Presidential Republic

Head of state – President Barrack Obama, he lives in White House in Washington

Population – 312 million

Largest cities – New York. Los Angeles, Chicago. Dallas

Longest river – Mississippi

National day – 4 July (Independence Day)



USA has 50 states, the biggest states are Texas, California, New Mexico, Montana


Presidents of the United States morphed in sequence

The USA flag
The USA flag

USA flag has 13 white and red stripes and 50 stars. 50 stars symbolize 50 states.

Red colour stands for courage, blue colour stands for patriotism.

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

National symbol – The Statue of Liberty.

The United States - an intro for kids

A very basic intro to the United States, for young children. Covers such topics as the branches of government, a few states, a few big cities, regions (e.g., the Northeast), geographical features, industries typical to different cities, geographical regions (e.g., the Great Plains), famous parks, famous monuments, and a little about sports and food.


National sport - baseball.


THE USA is famous for

  -  Mass culture

Cinema (American movies are the most popular movies in the world, all major film studios are in Hollywood, California)

Music (American pop/rock /rap singers are the most popular singers in the world)

-          Fast food (the Americans invented hot dogs and hamburgers)

-          Cars (the most famous car manufacturers are Jeep, Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet)

-          Computers and mobile phones (Microsoft and Apple produce iphone, ipad, touchpad)

-          Space exploration (the Americans were the first to land on the Moon). The American Space Centre is in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

-          Tall buildings (there are many skyscrapers, The Willis Tower with 108 stories is the tallest building in the US, it is in Chicago.)

Name all the things you see in the video

Watch, read and translate. Which fact is the most interesting?


The capital of the USA is ____________________

What are the largest cities in the USA ___________________

How many states does the USA have _____________________

Who is the president of the USA _________________________

The longest river in the USA is __________________________

The US president lives in ______________________________

Where is the tallest building in the USA _________________

What is its name __________________________

Colour the American flag
Colour the American flag